Bryan Bale
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Bryan Bale
Bryan Bale
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Bryan Bale LIVE with Juana Ghani at Bar Deluxe
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 Bryan did not spring forth from the forehead of Zeus, and even to this day, he is still not fully formed.

A nocturnal and naturally reclusive creature, he tends to speak more through his fingertips (applied to drums, guitars, and computer keyboards) than through his larynx.

Bryan is much more introverted than you might expect from a Leo. That would become more apparent over time as he discovered the Hitchhiker's Guide the the Galaxy in all of its various incarnations, Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel Comics, and a plethora of science fiction and fantasy novels. As a computer science major, he subjected himself to an unreasonably high number of math and physics classes; most of that material was promptly forgotten. He got the most enjoyment from his creative writing courses, which gave him the occasional chance to visit his right hemisphere.

His music background extends back to 7th grade when he took a beginning band class. He later began taking classes focusing on Arabic and Turkish percussion from Graeleaf, who was an instructor with the Kismet School of Danse Orientale.

Juana Ghani discovered him surrounded by belly dancers and invited him to be part of their larger world. He's not sure why he accepted that invitation, but he's glad he did. Maybe it's because that larger world includes belly dancers, fire dancers, aerialists, musicians, writers, photographers, and other artists of every variety.


Bryan Bale LIVE with Juana Ghani at the Ogden Arts Festival
© Only In Ogden 2011

Bryan Bale LIVE with Juana Ghani at the Utah PRIDE Festival

Bryan Bale LIVE with Juana Ghani at the 2013 Utah Arts Festival
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Bryan Bale LIVE with Juana Ghani at Bar Deluxe
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